For Play

Sensual Cannabis Chocolate

For Play pairs luscious dark chocolate with a scientifically crafted blend of sensual herbs to elevate performance and pleasure in the bedroom, designed by a national leader in formulation chemistry. Experience sex like never before with For Play’s unique combination of aphrodisiac herbs and cannabinoids, targeting enhanced stamina, arousal, and sensitivity while decreasing anxiety. Created for partners of all genders and preferences to make every experience in the bedroom a memorable one… it’s time For Play.


  • Argenine- AKG — Commonly used as a sexual supplement to get “pumped up” and has a gentle vasodilating property that increases blood flow and oxygen delivery.
  • Kava Kava Root Extract (Kava) — Kava Kava has long been used to reduce the stress and anxiety that can get between you and your partner to achieve that peak experience.
  • Long Jack — Plant compound originating in south-east Asia that has been used for boosting sexual performance and libido in both men and women.
  • Horny Goat Weed — An herb that has been a traditional Chinese remedy for centuries to treat low libido and erectile disfunction.
  • Beta-Alanine (B-Alanine) — Amino acid produced naturally in the body, known to increase performance and endurance.
  • THC — Responsible for most of cannabis’ psychoactive effects and affects the brain by activating cannabinoid receptors, namely CB1. THC promotes creativity, amplifies your thoughts, and can keep you focused.
  • CBD — Influences cannabinoid receptor activity and encourages production of the body’s natural endocannabinoids.


In 2018 our team recognized the need for an innovative sexual cannabis product in the Massachusetts market whose nutraceutical inclusions were substantiated by peer-reviewed research – not bogus claims. With few examples across the US, we collaborated with Curtis Walcker, M.S. to conduct research into the best supplements and herbs to complement the natural effects of cannabis to enhance one’s sexual experience.

After months of research and analysis, we dialed in the perfect blend of 5 botanicals that work together to create an exciting aphrodisiac. Used for centuries in traditional medicine, our invigorating blend aims to elevate the sensual effects felt when using For Play.