Happy Day Labs

Live Resin Carts

Happy Day Labs was established with one goal in mind: to create great extracts that make life’s moments even greater. Featuring a curated line-up of potent full-spectrum, strain-specific Live Resin carts created from fresh-frozen whole flower, expect a robust high that’ll get you moving and grooving or maxing your relaxing.

By preserving the terpenes and cannabinoids from each of your favorite strains, you can be confident that the tastes and effects you are getting are exactly what you expect. Let’s make today and every day a Happy Day!

Live Resin VApe Cartridge

A half gram vaporizer cartridge filled with full-spectrum, strain-specific live resin created from fresh-frozen whole flower.

The AVEO Luminous Series (Zirconia) is an Ultra-Premium ‘Metal-Free’ cartridge designed for ultimate purity and flavor.

Maximum Biocompatibility
A small number of consumers experience allergies to even the slightest amounts of metal. The dental industry has transitioned to zirconia as a safer alternative to titanium.

Maximum Flavor
When directly comparing the same oils in both zirconia and metal, there is a distinct difference in flavor. Zirconia provides the most flavorful and less metallic taste so you can enjoy your Happy Day Labs vape to the fullest.

Maximum Appearance
The golden colors of extracts are highlighted in a white zirconia cartridge that is ideal for premium craft brands such as Happy Day Labs.